Wednesday, September 7, 2016
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Save time & money while taking control of your marketing

What is AMMS?

AMMS stands for a marketing management system.

What does that mean? Well it's a rather simple program that is very good at just a few things.

First the problem...

Many small growing businesses would like to grow their business and increase profits. To do that you need more customers and reduced costs. More customers often means more marketing. Marketing takes time and costs. The marketing better be successful or the profits don't increase. If your marketing involves a mailing of some kind and the plan is to have something designed and professionally printed, well it doesn't usually get done. It takes too much time to design it. You have to print a ton of the things to get a decent price. If the conversion rate is low, you probably don't finish mailing your costly piece. Once you've been through this scenario, you are not likely to repeat it any time soon. Well I've been there and done that. So I created AMMS.

The solution...

You use AMMS to design your own piece. You can create postcards, newsletters, flyers, letters, brochures, in other words about anything you need. Now because your customers and prospects can be imported into AMMS, any  of these pieces can include the full name and address of customers or prospects. Because it's your hand on the print button, you print as many as you want. With this approach you can try different things. Change the message until you find something that gets you the conversion rate you are looking for, the rate that makes the whole process profitable.

AMMS tracks your mailings , schedules future mailings based on the timing and frequency of your choosing. This way you can try different mailings to different groups of customers and keep it all straight.  A beautiful calendar shows at a glance what's scheduled. Now you can proceed at your own pace and stay within your budget.

It's easy

Once AMMS is set up, it takes about 6 mouse clicks to print 4 or 400 pieces complete with name and address if you wish.

There is a complete built-in help system if you like to read that sort of thing. I prefer to look at video tutorials so I have created a set of tutorials that show you everything you could possibly need to know about AMMS. Watch the videos any time. Have an employee watch the videos and you don't have to do anything.


On to part 2...

So far we've covered your snail mail needs. How about some crazy email capabilites. This is the second part of AMMS. It's called the broadcast system and it's designed to give you some interesting abilities for email and faxing.

Problem solved...

I have a client that I have been writing software for since 1998. One of  his requirements is to send a series of documents to multiple groups of businesses(subscribers) every two weeks.

Over 100 businesses are divided into about 15 groups. Each of these groups can recieve up to 5 documents (pdf or CSV files) each as attachments, with the documents being unique to each of the 15 groups. About 9 mouse clicks can send out the entire set of emails, complete with their unique attachments, all at once. Notice I said "can sendout". The process is actually done in smaller groups so as not to have issues with his ISP. This system is not meant to send out spam.

AMMS makes any mail or email requirement you might have very simple and straight forward. The job can be delegated to anyone. 

As with the mailing part of AMMS each emailing broadcast can be logged and the followup emailing can be scheduled, making it easy for you to keep track of many broadcasts at one time.

AMMS included the ability to fax to groups in the same manner and the system includes it's own fax server.

What now?

I suggest you watch the video tutorials. You will find out if AMMS is a solution to a problem you might have. You will understand how easy it is to use. If AMMS looks like a solution then download  it. You have 30 days to kick the tires. In 30 days the program stops working and requires a registration key to unlock it permanently. Purchase the program and I'll send a permanent registration to you. 


Try it for 30 days - risk free - Download a demo  Buy Now 

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